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Katherine86590 1 day ago

Phở Rib Bones

Sup Noodle is one of my boyfriend's favorite places and we love coming here whether it's for a date night, after a long day at Disneyland, or after work. Pho rib bones is sooo good (bone in and shaken style is the way!!) especially with an herbal iced tea and shaken house fries on the side :) can't wait to come back!!

M8pisces 5 days ago

Phở Short Rib

Always got my favorite Pho Short Rib. The flavor is always consistent and amazing. Their meat is cooked very tender and is very high quality which I can tell by the way it melt in my mouth. I also tried their garlic noodle with rib eye steak and it is one of the top dishes there so better not miss it. Love the food, wait is so worth it and their waiters are very quick and helpful as well.

Mm240lopez 6 days ago

Lomo Saltado

Love this dish. Love the sauce.

Choiisarah12 13 days ago

Phở Beef Belly

Words can't even express how GOOD Sup Noodle Bar at Cerritos is. Their Filet Lomo Saltado just melts in your mouth and the taste of it is so flavorful. Also, the customer service here is A1 meaning that the servers and hostess are very welcoming and loving. They always have a smile on their faces. The flavor on their food here at Cerritos is much more tasty and just right. It hits the right spot! I'm not usually a fan of Pho but over here their pho is the best! You can never go wrong with their pho. I get their flat noodles with the pho and it's a game changer. You can eat it with their chili oil with the pho and it will be the best combo. Thanks to you guys I am able to come and enjoy it. (-:

Littlebugshoppe 17 days ago

Lomo Saltado

This is my go-to place for lomo saltado. The fries are seasoned fries, perfectly crispy and delicious on their own. I get filet mignon with it and it's always juicy and tender. The green sauce is so good!!! Perfect combination of fries, meat, and veggies. I know it's a pho place, but the lomo saltado steals my heart.

Modellife84 19 days ago

Lomo Saltado

From the 1st time we went to Súp Noodle Bar till now since 2017 , we barely change the orders. My fiancée love Lomo saltado fried with fillets and fried egg, i always order Brisket Pho ( sometimes i tried new dishes when they had it available) and my son favorite dish will be Fillet Fried rice.. these dishes are delicious 😋, and we never have anything to complain about them. They do a great job and very consistent about the tastes and flavor so we very glad .we come every week, sometime the line too long then we take to go but we are satisfied in general 👍.. Keep up the great work!

Brookefallonscheer 22 days ago

Phở Đặc Biệt

This is by far my favorite pho. The richness of the clear broth, soaked pho noodles with really tender cuts of beef. So delicious!! Worth the drive out to fill my cravings every time.

Rileyreederr 24 days ago

Lemongrass Curry (Buena Park only!)

I genuinely cannot get enough of the lemongrass curry. I am in college and any time I can leave campus, I go to SUP for this curry. Nothing tastes more home cooked and delicious.

Rheyjae93 about 1 month ago

Phở Short Rib

First off, just wanted to say this is the best Pho restaurant I've been to. From the quality of food to customer service. Service was fast and our waitress was always available when needed. The quality of meat was delicious and I was stunned by how tender it was. Over all, I rate this place 4.5 stars out 5 and I will recommend to all my friends and family and I will definitely be coming back!

Nadineballesteros about 2 months ago

Beef Brisket

the broth is flavored perfectly and the meat melts in your mouth. Servers here are so kind and service is great

Chung about 2 months ago

Lomo Saltado

I have eaten at this establishment over 20 times and still going back for more! Time and time they haven't let me down with consistency, flavor and service. The experience starts from my drive to SUP Noodle debating on what my taste buds wants to taste today. I have never been let down on my visit here whether it be the friendly service, amazing food and being surrounded by happy and full patrons.

Zelgie13 about 2 months ago

House Garlic Noodles

People come here for the pho. But me, I come here for the garlic noodles. Why? Is freaking amazing that's why! Gte it with grilled prawns. Is a perfect match. Plus the sauce it comes with has sweet, savory and sour perfectly balanced. OMG mix it all together and is like a perfect harmony. No pho can make me as happy as this garlic noodle. This is just a perfect dish.

Teddi 2 months ago

Truffle Fries

The best truffle fries I have ever had! Poe broth is Oslo simple but good. They don't skimp on the ingredients and the flavor is outstanding. Also the service is fast and friendly. Would definitely recommend this place to friends.

To 2 months ago

Shaken House Fries

Shaken House Fries is Sup's best seller and I can see why. Their thin fries are topped off with melted cheese, caramelized onions, beef belly and a drizzle of spicy tartar sauce. Aah, I was in carb heaven ❤️ This dish could easily satisfy a party of 4.

Ace 3 months ago

Cubed Filet Mignon

It sooooo fricken gooooddd!

Nerisa & John 3 months ago

Phở Đuôi Bò

I love this Pho Duoi Bo and Pho Rib bones, Shrimps Fried Rice and Garlic wings so awesome. It's great, we keep in requesting for the third time we been there.

Richardmanzer 3 months ago

Phở Chín

The best pho I've ever had

Fnchow 3 months ago

Beef Brisket

Sup Noodle Bar is my top 1 favorite restaurant. I can't find any other restaurant that can compete with their food. I always order Pho Dac Biet and add the following sides: Short RIB RIB BONES BEEF BELLY 2x CHICKEN WINGS (Best for appetizers) My sister loves their Chef's special - LOMO SALTADO with Filet Mignon. The greatest thing is you have unlimited w/Dine-in Pho, who can beat this. I'd like to see if they will offer Trio pho combo with three different choices of meat for Dine-in. A small size of bowl will be perfect so I can taste other food on the menu.

Miles 3 months ago

Phở Filet Mignon

Just delightful!! Perfect broth, and tender meat!

Kattbaekk 3 months ago

Phở Đặc Biệt

This is my only go to pho restaurant now, and have converted every friend I have taken as well. Growing up in OC, there was a handful of pho places. But this one easily tops them all. Bottomless noodles and what other pho place has a whole rib bone sticking out of their bowl? Everything on the menu leaves me amazed - pho, lomo Saltado, fries. Food is amazing, but so is the service! All of the servers and host are attentive and friendly. There's a reason you'll see lines out the door on a weekday night :)

Sowon 2 days ago

Beef Brisket

Hard for me to pick a single favorite item since I can trust this place with every item on the menu, but gotta go with my usual!

Mm240lopez 6 days ago

House Garlic Noodles

Best dish. This is what I always get.

Malorie 12 days ago

Phở Short Rib

This place is amazing! I always order their boneless short rib pho and their house shaken fries (they are like animal style fries but better). The only downside is the wait time to get seated, but that just also shows how popular they are. It's 100% worth the wait

Choiisarah12 13 days ago

Lomo Saltado

Words can't even express how good Sup Noodle Bar Filet Lomo Saltado it just melts in your mouth. This is by far the best Lomo Saltado plate that anyone can't eat or find. Also, the customer service here at Cerritos is awesome very welcoming and always has a smile on their faces whenever they work. The flavor of the food is by far very tasty and perfect! I just wanted to say that no other Lomo Saltado out there can beat Sup Noodle Bar Filet Lomo Saltado. Besides the Lomo Saltado everything here is the best! I'm not a fan of pho but I could only eat pho at Sup Noodle Bar because it's very flavorful and not too salty it's just hits at the right spot! Thanks to you guys I am able to enjoy all my favorite food at one spot! (-:

Alelarduo 19 days ago

Phở Rib Bones

Honestly, this is, hands down, the best dish I have ever eaten (and probably will ever eat). Trust me when I say that I am not lying. Literally anytime me and my family want to eat out, the first place that comes in our heads is Supnoodle and the dish that always comes into my mind is this one. There is just so much to say about it. I mean, the meat literally falls of the bone! There is just so much flavor and love in this dish, it's astounding!

Courtneyleon320 20 days ago

Phở Filet Mignon

Let me start off by saying I'm not the biggest fan of Pho. I know. Now that that's out there, I have to say that getting my Pho "shaken style" has changed my life. I crave it now! It's a totally unique taste that's worth the price (it is a little pricier than other places around). The service is great and attentive too, and they offer noodle refills 🙌🏻

Catrynamarie 23 days ago

Phở Filet Mignon

This is the classic item my boyfriend and I get every-time we come here (along with the Tofu Spring Rolls). The thin and juicy Filet Mignon is our favorite mixed with plenty of noodles in warm flavorful beef broth. Mixed with a generous amount of lime and hot sauce makes the perfect dinner. I never leave hungry, hands down the best pho!

Vincent 24 days ago

Golden "Bao"

Everything here is so good!

Spunkytristen about 1 month ago

Shaken House Fries

This is probably the best fries I have ever eaten in my life. I love to dip them in my pho, which is the best combination ever. I go to Sup Noodle about twice a month (sometimes more). I recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone I meet. I have waited more than two hours to eat here and every time it is worth the wait. I love the atmosphere and their very nice/attentive staff. This is my all time favorite restaurant! I want to say Thankyou to everyone when I go here, I have not had a disappointing meal yet!

Jenny about 2 months ago

Phở Short Rib

One of my favorite places to eat pho with shaken style!!!!

Joycechoi02 about 2 months ago

Beef Brisket

It was the right balance of sour and salty!! I really enjoy coming here because the costumer service is really good and the food is so pretty to look at!! Thanks sup noodle bar!!!

Escobar 2 months ago


Super tasty and clean location. Staff was super friendly, helpful, and attentive.

Kyhunter95 2 months ago

Beef Toro

Sup noodle bar has been my go-to pho spot ever since I first tried it. I can't get enough of it and honestly, everything I have tried so far has been amazing. I usually get the beef toro shaken style, but I also love their shaken house fries and garlic noodles. Extremely dank. Always bringing some new people around to try it out and everyone seems to love it. I love how flavorful the broth is and the unlimited noodles(Even if you are sharing??? What other places do that?) definitely in my top 10 places.

Kimnu 2 months ago

Phở Filet Mignon

We were hungry and was craving for pho so we decided to try the pho filet mignon. The broth was so flavorful and the meat was tender. One of the best pho I've had! Friendly employees and great service! This place is a must try!

Chris 3 months ago

Phở Đặc Biệt

Never disappointed with Sup Noodle Bar. If you like Pho you have to try the combination Chefs choice shaken style! You will be hooked. They also have great Jasmine green iced tea. They are usually fairly busy so you may want plan ahead especially on a Friday or Saturday night. Customer service has always been on point. Even when they are packed my server has been attentive. I give them a 9 out of 10. Would be a ten if the dining area accommodated more people.

Ryanchuung 3 months ago

Chicken Wings

Garlic chicken wings were nom!

Anabay13 3 months ago

Golden "Bao"

If this is my last day on earth I will have a dozen of these as my final meal. I've tried so many Bao's in my life, in fact recently I had tried the ones at Tim Ho Wan which they were known for but Sup's Bao is still the best. So please dont change any one darn thing on your recipe.

Hjong1901 3 months ago

Shaken House Fries

The best fries I've ever eaten. The fries were just so tasty. I believe that EVERYONE will love these fries. With the meat on top, it is so so good. I think that this is worth its price-$14.50. When I first saw the price, I thought that it was a little TOO expensive. But after I tasted it, IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. I come here often now, atleast twice a week, and this is a "must get" item for me.

Chung 3 months ago

Phở Short Rib

The pho and service here were great, the wait wasnt too long either. Would definately come here again when im craving

800020575 3 months ago

Beef Brisket

Good service, good food, great aesthetic. Need I say more?


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