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Dychin0118 2 days ago

Lomo Saltado

I have been a diehard customer for sup noodle since day 1. While all their pho menu items are amazing, especially the beef rib if you love rich flavors, The Lomo Saltado with Filet Mignon is the absolute best. I find it to be substantially better than even Peruvian restaurants.

Luga 4 days ago

Phở Rib-Eye

Very good service excellent costumer service, Delicious!!! Come back soon again 🥰

Jb 6 days ago

Shaken House Fries

Absolutely delicious fries! My son and I love these! The beef belly just melts in your mouth, the fries are perfectly cooked, and the sauces are divine.

Puppyfullofluv 7 days ago

Fried Rice

I got the fried rice with chicken wings and both are SO GOOD. the sauce is to die for and the perfect combo with the rice

Kevinckyser 14 days ago

Phở Đặc Biệt

This place has the most delicious phở I've ever had. The meats are cooked perfectly, sliding off the rib bones. If you haven't tried this, you're missing out.

Zoylajh 18 days ago

Phở Rib Bones

Such a wonderful experience here! I recommend pho rib bones, it is delicious 😋. Such nice customer service. Definitely coming back😀

Carolinacrowes 20 days ago

Fried Rice

It was delicious. Not salty and very flavorful.

Ssmiles59 20 days ago


been a lot of places .. japan... but this soup makes my eyes mersmerized !!heheh love love 😻

Ryan 29 days ago

Chicken Wings

It's ridiculous how good they are!

Dsambo95 29 days ago

Phở Đặc Biệt

Probably the best pho ever! I've been here multiple times and the food is always consistent, price is good, and the vibe here is great! If you come here make sure you grab a bowl of pho. You won't regret it!

Doankristi96 about 1 month ago

Phở Short Rib

This bowl is like nothing I've had before! The short rib is nice and tender and fatty. It's like a marriage between the meat, broth, and noodles. A good addiction that feels as good as a hug from your mother.

Wowwowwee about 2 months ago

Phở Beef Belly

My family and I always enjoyed visiting the Cerritos site at least once a week prior to the stay-home order. You have been our favorite pho/noodle restaurant since we discovered you. We are glad to see you are still running and glad to support. And the food and service is always pristine! (Minus the seat wait time) Hope to go back and enjoy the hospitality, quality and the pho soon!

Amoree about 2 months ago

Lomo Saltado

Lomo Saltado our favorite dish we get it at least once a week, these guys NEVER disappoint always fresh always clean always tasty. Our to go to everytime we travel and come home we get Sup. The best always yummy🤙🤙❤❤ Any and all dishes are Magnificent.

Bsimangan about 2 months ago

Shaken House Fries

Cheesy and Beef Belly goodness 😭🤤 by far the best combo of this food I've ever had. Ever. Oh, and there's caramelized onions in it too 😏

Firestonemarble 2 months ago

Beef Toro

Always meets the expectations n above superb!

Frausto 2 months ago

Golden "Bao"

I love the golden bao from sup noodle bar! My favorite ever to start with.

David 2 months ago

Filet Cube Salad (Buena Park only!)

Excellent. Combination of good chewy meat and salad. Little too salty.

Phirun14 2 months ago

Chicken Wings

The best garlic wing I have ever had.

Jleeths 2 months ago

Lomo Saltado

I LOVE the Lomo saltado filet mignon. Always a go-to whether I dine in or take out.

Nurseheln 2 months ago

Seared Rib-Eye Steak

Had the ribeye with garlic noodles!! So BOMB! Always my go to but I always have a hard time deciding to get any of their pho dishes or this one. Never disappoints. Delivered to my house perfectly and 30 min ahead of schedule!!! We ❤️ Sup!!!

To177realty 3 days ago

Lomo Saltado

What a wonderful experience, with these times not being able to travel has been rough for me as one of my passions is to exeperience different food cultures. As i looked at the menu i was so excited to see Lomo Saltado on the menu! The last trip i took was to Peru where this dish originated from. Sup is usually known for their noodles. However, dont be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try this dish. It was delicious and took me on a journey which i am so grateful for. This meal brough me such joy ! Thankyou to all the professional staff to enforce a safe and clean environement as well. A+!

Sp4422 5 days ago

Beef Brisket

LOVE. Favorite pho place of all time.

Trinhlp 6 days ago

Phở Short Rib

This is absolutely my favorite place for Pho short rib. When I am in the area for the weekend, I make it to have it once a day and definitely the last day before leaving town. Its just yummy good and service is great also.

Melissamoua96 8 days ago

Phở Đặc Biệt

This is the best pho place in the area. The place is a little small, and the wait line gets super long but it is always worth it. The servers are all attentive and work really well with each other. My sister and I love the unlimited noodles. The experience here is unlike any other. I have waited 2 hours before just to get some pho at Sup Noodle Bar.

Dj 16 days ago

Phở Rau Cải

This maybe the best Pho in town. I've tried many Pho restaurants in the past but this is the place I crave the most !!! I've had oxtail Pho, rib eye pho and fried rice there. all very very flavorful. Highly recommend for all Pho-natics out there..

Shallomlee00 19 days ago

Phở Filet Mignon

The pho was so flavorful and everything was so well presented. I saw the workers constantly cleaning their surfaces and area.

Justinabun 20 days ago

Lomo Saltado

Restaurants are finally opening up again and my family and I were excited to eat here. There were only 2 parties ahead of us but due to new safety requirements because of covid19, we had to wait quite a bit. I didn't mind at all because this rule is out of their control, and all the workers were so nice and apologetic about it! The food came out in no time and was so delicious. I had lomo saltado with tofu and it was tasty! I also ordered the truffle fries which were great as well. I honestly have no complaints. Food and service was incredible.

Chanthaean 21 days ago

Beef Brisket

The pho here has a very unique broth. I came frequently while pregnant. Their fried bao is what keeps bringing me back.

Ryan 29 days ago

Golden "Bao"

Absolute Must Have!

Kelsey about 1 month ago

Phở Chín

My absolute favorite pho to get from Sup! The brisket is on the leaner side, which I prefer, and is super tender with the perfect amount of chew. There's just enough meat for even a meat-lover, and between the noodles, meat, and broth, I'm happily full after a bowl! Goes excellently with truffle fries or golden bao and a nice cold drink.

Timtruong722 about 1 month ago

Phở Đặc Biệt

STILL as amazing as dining in. They pack it appropriately and it hits just as good to go!

Thomasxchi about 2 months ago

Lomo Saltado

Hands down! The best PHO anywhere. My wife and I come here quite often and we order the following: Pho Short Rib, Shmip fly lice, and garlic chicken wings. The food is awesome. It's actually amazing. Let me break them down for you. Aiite? PHO - The BROTH. I have no idea what the cooks put in the soup but WOW. It has healed the emotional and inner pain that I've been carrying for thirty-something years. That's how awesome the soup is. Guess what? They provide unlimited noodles so you can eat again and again. Which can only mean MORE HEALING OF THE INNER PAIN! Your soul will thank you! The meats are tender and fresh. The noodles are cooked just right. But it's the BROTH guys! The BROTH. BROTH. Fried rice - Fried rice. The rice, when the wind blows, it just flies off of the plate. This can only mean that the rice is freshly fried in HIGH temperatures. It's so good. I order shimp fly lice. Every time! Garlic wings - Again. I have no idea what these cooks put in their food but it's fresh, hot, and has a right amount of oil, flavor, crisp, and garlic. I bet you guys are just salivating right now. Just try them. I wish they came in some party pack so I can order them when watching the 16th-time world champion, the Lakers whoop ass against the Warriors. Yea, you heard me. Service - Everyone is awesome. Hey, owner! Make sure you exercise your option to lease for another 5 years once your lease is up. You will have no problem paying the rent + CAM charges for that property cause guys are doing an exceptional job. You'll have more customers! JUST TRY THE ABOVE COMBO! If you like the Lakers and SUP, then gimme a like, aiite?

David about 2 months ago

Beef Brisket

What strikes to mind is simply perfection! Thanks for locating in Cerritos!

Lucky89dog about 2 months ago

Phở Rib Bones

The best pho in OC, not only is the rib bone and meat aesthetically pleasing, the fall-off-the-bone tenderness is incredible!! Love Sup Noodle Bar!!!! Also shaken style is a unique and delicious garlicky add on, and the shake fries are amazing as well :D

Mishi71pak 2 months ago

Lomo Saltado

The moment my family and I had a bite of Lomo Saltado at Sup Noodle Bar, we were hooked for life. The Ribeye is perfectly sauteed with onions and bell peppers and the fries that come with it is so uniquely made, I've never had anything like it and we literally dream about it. We live 2 hrs away but drive the distance to get it or I'll have my husband bring it togo. We always get the Pho(short rib, filet) with the sous vide egg in it, and once you've tried their pho, you will never eat pho anywhere else. The broth is amazing and the beef is top quality. My youngest loves their spam fried rice/truffle fries so basically you can't go wrong with anything else on the menu, they have a wide range of options and they're all fantastic! Best vietnamese food I've ever had in my life!

Lindabaowang 2 months ago

Lomo Saltado

I love coming here! I usually come during my lunch break. The servers are friendly and attentive and the food always comes out quickly. Since the restaurants are only doing takeout now, I still come by for takeout and am happy that they're able to remain open during these times. Will be back soon!

Tiffyiji 2 months ago

Phở Filet Mignon

Sup noodle's pho is noticeably better than pho at your average pho shop. Great broth and fresh noodles. My favorite is their filet mignon pho, and it never disappoints. Extra thumbs up for free extra noodles and consistent service!

Gloria 2 months ago

Phở Short Rib

The dish I first fell in love with was the Lamb Pho. It's not currently on the menu, but I've had many, many items here. My current love is this Short Rib Pho, which I take shaken & with an eggie. I've been going to the Buena Park location since it opened and even though I moved 30 miles away, I still swing by any chance I get or any chance I make up an excuse to swing by. I've taken many friends as well as family here to share in Sup's true delight. The fried rice is off. the. hook. The eggs rolls are b-a-n-a-n-a-s. The wait staff is two thumbs up. I go here when it's raining. I go here when it's 100 degrees out. I go here when it's on my way somewhere. I go here when it's 30 miles away. I go here when there are 30 people waiting outside and my name isn't even on the list yet. I go here when during the Great Quarantine of 2020 and I still get excellent, friendly service, free tea & the food I adore.

Cheyenneplsss 2 months ago

Phở Beef Toro

Some of the best pho I've had outside of Westminster! The beef toro absolutely melts in your mouth with every bite and pho broth itself is outstanding. Every time I've come here I've only gotten the pho but I will definitely try more menu options in the future. That being said, this is probably the best pho place in the area if you don't want to drive down to Westminster.

Jkim04166 2 months ago

Phở Filet Mignon

I always ask the meats for medium rare as they melt in my mouth. Love how Súp Noodle Bar have unlimited noodles for dine-in when you order their dish.


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