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Ryanchuung 15 days ago

Chicken Wings

Garlic chicken wings were nom!

Hjong1901 19 days ago

Shaken House Fries

The best fries I've ever eaten. The fries were just so tasty. I believe that EVERYONE will love these fries. With the meat on top, it is so so good. I think that this is worth its price-$14.50. When I first saw the price, I thought that it was a little TOO expensive. But after I tasted it, IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. I come here often now, atleast twice a week, and this is a "must get" item for me.

Kattbaekk 27 days ago

Phở Đặc Biệt

This is my only go to pho restaurant now, and have converted every friend I have taken as well. Growing up in OC, there was a handful of pho places. But this one easily tops them all. Bottomless noodles and what other pho place has a whole rib bone sticking out of their bowl? Everything on the menu leaves me amazed - pho, lomo Saltado, fries. Food is amazing, but so is the service! All of the servers and host are attentive and friendly. There's a reason you'll see lines out the door on a weekday night :)

Der 29 days ago

Herbal Iced Tea

This is so good and refreshing .

Leetoria7 about 1 month ago

Phở Porkbelly

Pork belly comes fried on the side, so crispy!

Sarah about 2 months ago

Shaken House Fries

100% delicious, 100% craveable. 100% of the time. Crispy golden skinny fries with melty toasty cheese and zingy spicy sauce and tender thinly sliced beef. Yes please. Needless to say, it's perfection and you need to try it.

Seankleonard29 about 2 months ago

Phở Beef Toro

So milky best thing you can probably get on the menu.

Ds9ds8 about 2 months ago

Beef Brisket

The Beef Brisket Pho was to die for Twas excellent. The meat was cooked to perfect- so soft and tender. The server was prompt in serving us everything we had ordered. Have to go again!!!!

Freddypp 2 months ago

Fried Rice

The best fried rice in the area... Like a Peruvian Arroz Chaufa.

Dean 2 months ago

House Garlic Noodles

Garlic noodles with shrimp Amazing

Renata 2 months ago

Lemongrass Curry (Buena Park only!)

Hands down my favorite restaurant anywhere. But I've always come for the bomb unlimited pho or the A+ fried rice. This is my first time trying their Lemongrass Curry, and I have to say that Súp Noodle does not fail to impress. Their curry is topped with assorted veggies and you have the choice to pick your protein. Not only is their presentation flawless but this is some amazing curry!!! It's a must try if you've only had the pho and other dishes.

Laurensohn27 2 months ago

Beef Brisket

The soup was so yummy! It was super flavorful and rich. The noodles were amazing as well!

Nikki 3 months ago

Phở Beef Belly

Honestly the best pho I've ever had! The soup broth is so rich and I've had about 3 different meats and they've never disappointed. Always my go to when I want quality pho.

Ana 3 months ago

Rib Bones

These were absolutely phenomenal!!

Ana 3 months ago

Phở Porkbelly

This dish was delicious, great flavor and such freshness. Had a few different dishes here and have not been disappointed once. Can't wait to come back and try more!

Anabay13 17 days ago

Golden "Bao"

If this is my last day on earth I will have a dozen of these as my final meal. I've tried so many Bao's in my life, in fact recently I had tried the ones at Tim Ho Wan which they were known for but Sup's Bao is still the best. So please dont change any one darn thing on your recipe.

Chung 26 days ago

Phở Short Rib

The pho and service here were great, the wait wasnt too long either. Would definately come here again when im craving

800020575 28 days ago

Beef Brisket

Good service, good food, great aesthetic. Need I say more?

Lsv797 about 1 month ago

Fried Rice

OMG the garlic chicken wings fried rice is so good! I love the sauce and always ask for extra

Tabitha about 1 month ago

Phở Filet Mignon

UwU >c< OwO A bowl that will soothe the soul.

Seanvalle about 2 months ago

Phở Filet Mignon

Oh wow! This is my 5th time here in the last couple months! The Filet Mignon Pho *SHAKEN* is killer! The service is fast, attentive, and friendly! There is usually a small wait but you can queue yourself In the reservation line through yelp, and even with a wait it's well worth it!

Jorge about 2 months ago

Phở Filet Mignon

Omg I order pho with the 2 ribs and I add belly and shrimp huge amount love it!!

Awangmd 2 months ago


I absolutely love the oxtail pho, is rich yet not greasy and is just delicious. My new hangout place for pho.

Meronbekure 2 months ago

Lomo Saltado

The best place in town. Everything is sooo tasty. I don't say that often! Their Vietnamese iced coffee is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!amazing staff too.

Edwardslauren1 2 months ago

Phở Short Rib

Sup has the best pho in Orange Country by far. I live about 50 minutes away but will definitely make the drive when i'm craving pho. Growing up in a Vietnamese household, I've had my fair share of pho but nothing compares to the Short Rib Pho at Sup. The environment is also great and the servers are always quick and super nice. There's usually a long wait at dinner time but once you're seated you get served food within minutes. LOVE this place.

Steve 2 months ago

Phở Rib-Eye

If you choose medium on the meat it comes out a little red but cooks right in with the soup. I like to add basil on the side as well. Rib eye is one of my favorites. This is probably my 20th time eating it. And remember free extra noodles!

Morganrchang 3 months ago

Phở Chín

Brisket is my favorite for pho, and this bowl was one of the best!

Ana 3 months ago

Beef Brisket

I love the Buena Park location, great to bring the family! Love that the offer unlimited noodles for the dine in and the food is amazing. I loved how savory the broth was, the veggies were fresh and the meat so tender! We will be back!! Trust me when I tell you that you have found your new Pho spot! Hands down!

Ana 3 months ago

Extra Noodles

Love the unlimited noodles. Always good to have more noodles!!


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