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Seanvalle about 21 hours ago

Phở Filet Mignon

Oh wow! This is my 5th time here in the last couple months! The Filet Mignon Pho *SHAKEN* is killer! The service is fast, attentive, and friendly! There is usually a small wait but you can queue yourself In the reservation line through yelp, and even with a wait it's well worth it!

Meronbekure 11 days ago

Lomo Saltado

The best place in town. Everything is sooo tasty. I don't say that often! Their Vietnamese iced coffee is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!amazing staff too.

Renata 16 days ago

Lemongrass Curry (Buena Park only!)

Hands down my favorite restaurant anywhere. But I've always come for the bomb unlimited pho or the A+ fried rice. This is my first time trying their Lemongrass Curry, and I have to say that Súp Noodle does not fail to impress. Their curry is topped with assorted veggies and you have the choice to pick your protein. Not only is their presentation flawless but this is some amazing curry!!! It's a must try if you've only had the pho and other dishes.

Laurensohn27 17 days ago

Beef Brisket

The soup was so yummy! It was super flavorful and rich. The noodles were amazing as well!

Nikki about 1 month ago

Phở Beef Belly

Honestly the best pho I've ever had! The soup broth is so rich and I've had about 3 different meats and they've never disappointed. Always my go to when I want quality pho.

Ana about 1 month ago

Rib Bones

These were absolutely phenomenal!!

Ana about 1 month ago

Phở Porkbelly

This dish was delicious, great flavor and such freshness. Had a few different dishes here and have not been disappointed once. Can't wait to come back and try more!

Amyhonculada8 about 2 months ago

Lomo Saltado

I had the Lomo Saltado rib eye. It was very delicious. It was tender and the fries and tomatoes were just too good. I recommended the dish to all my friends.

Sierrachhoeung about 2 months ago

Shaken House Fries

Best thing I ever tried! It's a huge portion and very delicious. They have a sauce on there that's just mouth watering. All my friends loved it.

Renzcalamallari about 2 months ago

Lomo Saltado

Lomo Saltado was one of my favorite dishes here along with the shaken fries. Makes me want to come here more than a Peruvian restaurant just for this item!

Tzhan8 about 2 months ago

Lomo Saltado

The lomo saltado here is on par with what I've had in Peru. I recommend getting it with filet mignon. Also hope they will have spring rolls at the Cerritos location in the future.

Mercedescastropenate 2 months ago

Phở Tôm

The best pho I have ever had! Definitely hits the spot! 10/10 recommend!

Jebron6 2 months ago

Beef Brisket

The best pho in town hands down. Customer service is always on point. Team members are great. Lauren is great, Eric and Jerry are amazing managers of the store. Wish you guys the best!

Angeline010598 3 months ago

Beef Brisket

oh man, what can i say. it's soooooo worth my money. i ordered a pho soup and THERES UNLIMITED NOODLES. i had about 10 bowls of noodles. not only that, the tea is good. i had this one tea (i forgot what it was called) but you wrote a review on yelp and they give you a free tea and it was i good lol it bri nd s me back to my childhood and i don't know where it comes from but sup noodle has it so i'm always going lol

Ianisdeboss77 3 months ago

Truffle Fries

LOVE this dish

Jtb92882 3 months ago


LOVE this dish

Mkim311 3 months ago

Phở Rib-Eye

The best pho I've found outside of Vietnam, and it's right in my backyard! My favorite is the rib eye shaken style. The soup is so flavorful and not too oily. The meat is quality, melts in your mouth, and has amazing flavor. I find that authentic pho places use cheap, bland meat that I just pick out. This is so, SO good.

Jorge 5 days ago

Phở Filet Mignon

Omg I order pho with the 2 ribs and I add belly and shrimp huge amount love it!!

Dean 12 days ago

House Garlic Noodles

Garlic noodles with shrimp Amazing

Steve 16 days ago

Phở Rib-Eye

If you choose medium on the meat it comes out a little red but cooks right in with the soup. I like to add basil on the side as well. Rib eye is one of my favorites. This is probably my 20th time eating it. And remember free extra noodles!

Morganrchang about 1 month ago

Phở Chín

Brisket is my favorite for pho, and this bowl was one of the best!

Ana about 1 month ago

Beef Brisket

I love the Buena Park location, great to bring the family! Love that the offer unlimited noodles for the dine in and the food is amazing. I loved how savory the broth was, the veggies were fresh and the meat so tender! We will be back!! Trust me when I tell you that you have found your new Pho spot! Hands down!

Ana about 1 month ago

Extra Noodles

Love the unlimited noodles. Always good to have more noodles!!

Rayo about 1 month ago

Phở Rib Bones

I want share my experience rating the amazing Pho Rib Bones. As a self-proclaimed pho enthusiast, I have been able to sample pho in all its iterations and the Pho Rib Bones is one of my top favorites. The pho broth is perfectly seasoned with all the layers of ingredients culminate into an umami explosion. The rib bones were fork-tender and each bit perfectly completed the pho broth and al dents pho noodles. I would highly recommend this entree to warm the soul on a cool California night. Enjoy!

Sureya about 2 months ago

Phở Rib Bones

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. LITERALLY. That's what happened about two weeks ago when I ran across this gem on social media. Traditional with a fusion twist? I was game! I rallied my boyfriend, jumped in my car, pre-inspected the menu and was on my way to deliciousness (or so I thought). The second I parked I knew we were in trouble...there were over a dozen people standing around! I couldn't believe it. I walked into Sup's and was kindly greeted by the wait staff and then BAM! I saw it from the corner of my eye "WAITLIST CLOSED" I had almost forgotten great restaurants are busy! We couldn't get in. Now, most people would never go back right? After getting turned away..but i accepted the challenge. See I had learned the game. When round two came up I was prepared. I put my name on the waitlist on yelp (this is honestly a lifesaver and a must) & tried again. Huzzaaaa! I arrived 10 minutes early, was given an option to sit outside and I took it! No way was I going to miss this chance again, and boy did they not disappoint! Do you know how to tell a really good pho? Not by the meat or noodle, but the clarity of the broth and the floating bubbles of fat and yumminess that tells you this has been cooking for a while. I went fusion. Ordered the bone in pho and I shook it up!!! It was amazing. Seriously the most authentic pho I have had in a while. I couldn't believe it. My dream of dinning there had come true, & the reality was better than the dream itself. I paired my Meal with a Thai tea (perfect ratio of tea to cream) & got a side of egg rolls and spring rolls. I mean this place is just stupid good. It's the perfect millennial spot. The staff is awesome, we were at the table about 40 min and was checked on about 6 times. The only downer is I'm short and the seating outside is a little slanted, but overall this is my Go To pho place from now on. I love gem finds, & this is one of them. My Daughter is super picky and she cleaned her bowl right up! The plating is awesome, I love the mason jar cups, & the design of the spoon for the broth. My recommendations are: put you name on the waitlist on yelp, be okay with waiting a little & if the door gets shut in your face, come back another day, because you won't regret it! All in all hands down on of the most amazing ph bowls I have had & I can't wait to go back. Worth the wait, literally!

Hjong1901 about 2 months ago

Phở Rib-Eye

I think this place is the best place to be. Not only is the pho Rib-eye is tasty, EVERYTHING is tasty. It's really worth the price too. They give us extra noodles for free, making this place a really good place for children, who can't eat a whole bowl. Also, just a FYI, you can get free refills for cups of soft drinks.

B about 2 months ago

Phở Beef Belly

The food here is amazing! I come here with my family all the time to spend quality time together! The customer service is really good. Wait time sometimes is long but worth it.

Steve about 2 months ago

Cubed Filet Mignon

Cubet Filet Mignon one of my favorite dishes. Meat is tender and fried rice has a lot of flavor. Highly recommend it. I usually eat it 1-2 a month.

Grace 2 months ago

Golden "Bao"

The best golden baos around! These little golden nuggets are a flavor bomb. Filled with so much goodness. Love them here better than anywhere else!

Davin 3 months ago

Phở Filet Mignon

This dish is my fave at my go-to Pho and Lomo Saltado spot! Shaken style is the way to go when I order my pho! I am getting hungry just writing those review!

Thegipsytango 3 months ago

Lomo Saltado

I love Peruvian food and the lomo saltado from here is so delicious!

Rachael 3 months ago

House Garlic Noodles

Amazing. Sounds like a simple dish, sounds like you've tried it other places, sounds like same ol' same ol'. N.O. The most amazing garlic noodle dish I've tried. The taste and flavors truly were phenomenal and I loved how balanced everything was: noodles cooked just right, beef was tender, and flavors matched perfectly. I tried recreating this dish... I can't. I'll just always have to come back to Sup for this dish. Yum!

Vanhkhuyen97 3 months ago

Phở Short Rib

We got shaken style short-rib pho and garlic noodles with rib eyes for a late lunch the other day. The broth was so good with a smokey flavor and rich broth. The meat was so tender and fell off the bone beautifully. For the garlic noodles, rib eyes brought a juicy aroma with an ecstatic green sauce


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